Interoperable Healthcare Software: I Don't Have a Netsmart EHR … Now What?

Netsmart provides a range of interoperable healthcare software and
        technology that is designed to work with any Electronic Health Record {EHR} software.

We’ve moved into a new era as solutions and services go beyond an Electronic Health Record or Electronic Medical Record. Interoperability is more than just exchanging information. Experiences must be focused on integrated workflow, coordinating care, and providing an ability to connect to any platform... delivering an open and agnostic approach. If you’ve procured a CareRecord™ software solution already, you can still take advantage of our other CareFabric™ solutions to compliment your interoperable strategy.

Solutions like CareManager™ are designed to connect to any EHR/EMR immediately providing the ability to offer care coordination services. Our CarePathways™ portfolio consumes and publishes data for any system, actively connected to over 20 different vendors supporting over 100 providers who don’t use a Netsmart CareRecord. Services like our Revenue Cycle Management offering is a simple way to immediately take advantage of a solution to increase revenues and margins.

We are committed to providing software solutions to the entire Health and Human Services community regardless of your Electronic Health Record or Electronic Medical Record software choice. We believe systems must be open, providing optimal outcomes and value for anyone and everyone in our collective community. While our portfolio will always be optimized to support an integrated Netsmart platform, we are resolved to ensure we can provide the value for everyone regardless of your Electronic Health Record software choice.