Strengthen your wound care program

Wound Care Management

Effective wound care documentation starts with incorporating technology into the process. Wound Care Management brings clinically calibrated wound imaging to your agency with an easy-to-use solution suitable for all skill levels.

Wound Care Management offers clinicians unparalleled visibility, alerting them to improving or worsening outcomes, so they can identify patients at risk for chronic wounds. It also provides a comprehensive view of your wound care population as a whole.

In addition to clinical visibility, virtual care technology also provides invaluable business insights, allowing providers to identify the true costs associated with their wound care program.



Netsmart Wound Care Management
Capture clinically-calibrated wound imaging to your phone or tablet and manage your wound care population with real-time dashboards.


A comprehensive skin and wound care management solution helps your team capture superior wound documentation and gain insights from patient population statistics and trends.


  • Automatically calibrates wound measurements upon taking the photo
  • Captures precise color, depth and size of a wound eliminating variances between manual methods
  • Supports real-time data flow from point-of-care application to administrative dashboards for wound care population oversight


  • Provides care teams the ability to remotely monitor wounds
  • Reduces litigation risk by providing consistent clinical documentation and healing over time analytics
  • Alerts wound care team to patients at risk
  • Supports documentation consistency between caregivers

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