Electronically manage medication ordering, administration and inventory for inpatient pharmacy functions


RxConnect is a web-based pharmacy solution specifically designed to meet the medication dispensing needs of inpatient hospitals. Its easy-to-use interface allows clinicians to send pharmacy orders directly within their EHR, electronically connecting order entry with pharmacies to seamlessly receive and provide medication. RxConnect supports dispensing capabilities with automated dispensing machines (ADMs) and connects with the electronic medication administration record (eMAR) to provide closed-loop medication management.

Clinicians can review and manage drug interactions, allergies and patient-specific dosing via a clinical rules engine. Drug disease, alcohol interactions as well as lab and tobacco, pregnancy, lactation and general precautions and black box warnings are also provided. Inventory, formulary, progress notes, labs integration and intervention documentation, as well as pharmacy notes, are all included. View the full history of medication administration as well as gain insights to effectively manage inventory, cost accounting, accurate billing and cost control.



Key features

  • Easy-to-use interface enables clinicians to view alerts and pending orders
  • Reduces paper and increases efficiency and accuracy with electronic communication
  • Integrates with ADM units, supporting inventory control and ensuring the medication is administered correctly
  • Available as a stand-alone solution for long-term care facilities and hospitals
  • Supports multiple pharmacy paradigms

Key benefits     

  • Electronic communication of chart orders for processing; rejected orders are automatically removed from the eMAR
  • Automatically analyze and review medication orders for safety, drug interactions, allergies and patient-specific dosing
  • Allows pharmacists to send dispense information directly to automated dispensing machines and receive dispense information back
  • Enter and record the administering of medication electronically for accurate billing


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