Make it easier for your audience to pay and as a result, receive more timely payments

Easy-to-understand financial communications benefit both care organizations and the people receiving care. Organizations can experience quicker bill payments and those receiving care don’t have to dissect a complicated process.

Generally speaking, when the right information is put in front of the right people at the right time, action follows. That’s why RevConnect Patient Statements display the most critical information in the first few seconds of viewing a communication. And the solution uses an intelligent communication strategy that is tailored to each person receiving care. Trudging through a complex payment process is the opposite of what everyone wants – and it’s the problem that Netsmart is tackling with RevConnect Patient Statements and Payment Portal.

Learn how Minnesota Mental Health Clinics used RevConnect Payment Portal and Patient Statements to streamline collections work.

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RevConnect Patient Statements Features

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Production Monitoring System

  • Addresses uncertainty around file processing status with near-real time automated notifications. Users are informed via email at each stage of production.
  • SLA monitoring system identifies at risk files and allows for file transferring between redundant production facilities nationwide.

Premium File Management

  • Users can search for exact statement copies (PDFs) across document files with a variety of search criteria options available to them.
  • Facilitates time savings by not needing to know what document file to search in.
  • Staff can securely email exact copies of patient statements and/or detailed payment receipts via secure link and unique pin number.
  • Over the phone, your support staff can enroll patients in electronic delivery for their statements.

Address Cleansing

  • Cleanse and suppress addresses using location logic services.
  • Near-real time reporting and visibility easily updates your system for future mailings.
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Return Mail Processing

  • Automatically handles return mail using advanced return logic.
  • Securely disposes of return mail and electronically updates the system which works toward saving time and mitigating risk of administrative errors.

Start delivering individually tailored statements without having to manually manage the entire statement process from printing to mailing.

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A sneak peek into the RevConnect Payment Portal

Step #1: Login screen


Step #2: View balance


Step #3: Make a payment


“The payment portal solution from Netsmart has streamlined our collections work. It’s so easy to use and everything is in one place.”

– Billing Supervisor at Minnesota Mental Health Clinics

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