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More than 10 years ago, Netsmart began developing interoperability software and HIE solutions. Our powerful suite of interoperability software includes components that connect your organization to the healthcare ecosystem, incorporate data directly into your electronic health record (EHR) workflows and facilitate clear, timely communications among internal care team members and external partners.

Netsmart employs the latest data standards, including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®). Netsmart is a founding member of Carequality, a collaboration between public and private entities, working toward the seamless flow of health information between health networks and care providers.

Netsmart CareConnect™

  • Integration engine provides a single connection point to exchange information with literally thousands of other providers
  • Supports federal and state policies for health information exchange, such as HIPAA, technology standards, such as Direct, and message types, including HL7® FHIR and CCDA
  • Incorporates discrete data, including lab results and HIE information, into the workflow and treatment plans for individuals

Netsmart CareConnect™ Inbox

  • Direct Messaging and closed loop referral platform integrated with Netsmart EHRs
  • Supports sending and receiving clinical data, lab results and treatment plans to and from external providers and organizations
  • Allows the exchange of clinical data in the context of the consumer, including Consolidated-Clinical Document Architectures (C-CDAs), clinical assessments and progress notes
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  • National health information collaboration between private and public entities begun in 2014
  • Netsmart is a founding member and live implementer of Carequality
  • Integrates directly with Netsmart EHRs to create an interoperability framework among data sharing networks

Carequality creates a single connection to the rest of healthcare, including:

4200 +


State Veteran Homes Facility

50000 +


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600,000 +


*As of Dec 2023 for hospitals, organizations and providers via


Netsmart CareConnect Transactions

Using this single point of connection, data can be integrated directly into the EHR, shared with referral sources and made available at the point of care, supporting efforts to reduce medication errors and improve transitions of care.

**As of December of 2023 Netsmart CareConnect Transactions

Electronic data sharing at the point of care

Interoperability software puts shared healthcare data in the hands of clinicians at the point of service without manual data entry.
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Reconcile Medications

Providers can reconcile medications, share lab results, avoid duplicate medical tests and improve care through a single point of contact with healthcare interoperability software.

Query CCDs

Ability to query Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) supporting efforts to reduce errors in transitions of care and improves outcomes.
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FHIR Integration

Through FHIR integration Netsmart goes above and beyond required standards, providing our clients with more opportunities for impactful data exchange.
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See open networks in action, simplify transitions of care, achieve closed-loop referrals, connect to outside EHRs, close gaps in care.

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We have remained committed to advancing our certified solutions and evolving our interoperability standards to allow our clients to remain competitive in a landscape that requires coordinated care and value-based practices for success.

Mike Valentine
Chief Executive Officer, Netsmart

Mike Valentine

Netsmart continues to earn #1 Technology Platform ranking for EHR, RCM & PM Vendor by Black Book Research

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