Healthcare interoperability software to manage referrals, improve transitions of care and more


Through the Netsmart network, ONC-certified secure data is exchanged at the point of care. Netsmart interoperable EHR software uses the latest data standards, including Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), to further expand the options for data sharing. Netsmart enables providers to approach transitions of care like never before through closed-loop referrals, connecting to outside EHRs and closing gaps in care.

The user-friendly interface gives clinicians and providers access to multiple resources including direct connections to labs, HIEs and immunization registries. It’s true healthcare interoperability that supports care coordination and improves care delivery and outcomes across provider settings.

The Netsmart network is a single connection to the rest of healthcare, including:

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4200 +


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Using this single point of connection, data can be integrated directly into the EHR, shared with referral sources and made available at the point of care, dramatically reducing medication errors and improving transitions of care.

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No Manual Data Entry

Interoperability software puts shared healthcare data in the hands of clinicians at the point of service with NO manual entry.

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Reconcile Medications

Reconcile medications, share lab results, avoid duplicate medical tests and improve care through a single point of contact with healthcare interoperability software.

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Query CCDs

Ability to query Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) reduces errors in transitions of care and improves outcomes.

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FHIR Integration

Through FHIR integration Netsmart goes above and beyond required standards, providing our clients with more opportunities for impactful data exchange.

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See open networks in action – achieve transitions of care like never before through closed-loop referrals, connecting to outside EHRs and closing gaps in care.

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We have remained committed to advancing our certified solutions and evolving our interoperability standards to allow our clients to remain competitive in a landscape that requires coordinated care and value-based practices for success.

Mike Valentine
Chief Executive Officer, Netsmart

Mike Valentine

Netsmart continues to earn #1 Technology Platform ranking for Behavioral Health and Post-Acute Care Communities

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