Discover the leading EHR and geriatric care management software designed for geriatric care settings

Our state-of-the-art LTPAC practitioner EHR software addresses specific pain points for long-term post-acute care provider groups by streamlining documentation, scheduling, billing, and reporting. Our geriatric care management software lets you say goodbye to the challenges of implementing value-based care models and navigate seamlessly through interoperability issues with our leading-edge geriatric primary care + practitioner EHR software, designed to resolve data exchange headaches. Our tailored workflows alleviate operational pain points, making daily tasks more efficient. The user-friendly interface ensures easy adoption, while ease-of-scalability features help to tackle growth challenges. GEHRIMED's comprehensive geriatric practice management software and support resolves complexities, providing an unparalleled solution to navigate the unique landscape of geriatric medicine effortlessly.

Welcome to the future of geriatric value-based care, where our cloud-based, mobile electronic health record (EHR) is expertly crafted to help your practice thrive.

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Addresses Value-Based Care Challenges

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Solves Interoperability Headaches

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Streamlines Long-Term Post-Acute Care Workflows

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Simplifies Scalability Challenges

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Tackles Practice Management Complexities

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Industry-leading interoperability engine backed by ONC 2015 Edition Cures Update certification

Certified by ONC, GEHRIMED is a practitioner EHR that guarantees top-tier standards. Additionally, our physician EHR's integration capabilities with leading medical record solutions facilitate smooth, HIPAA-compliant collaborations with care teams.

  • Industry leading physician EHR integration with renowned platforms like PointClickCare
  • Upcoming integrations for myUnity and MatrixCare
  • CareTeam dashboards, compatible with any practitioner EHR, empower facility staff to retrieve digitalized encounters at their convenience
Geriatric Value-Based Care Software | Dashboard Example Shown on Laptop
Geriatric Value-Based Care Software | Dashboard Shown on Tablet

Simplify MIPS compliance with modern tools

MIPS compliance and other CMS quality programs are a breeze with GEHRIMED's dedicated dashboard, a built-in feature of the physician EHR, with insightful notifications and vivid visual representations. Easily track your MIPS participation via an intuitive dashboard, which provides notifications for relevant quality measures, a visual representation of your progress throughout the year and more. This practitioner EHR's built-in analytic tools support tracking individual productivity and partnering providers' efficiency.

  • A comprehensive overview of your yearly MIPS progress
  • Built-in analytics tracking for individual and provider partnership efficiency
  • Immediate updates on supported quality measures

Intuitive workflows enhance efficiency in medical practice management

Our geriatric medical practice management software is fine-tuned to streamline operations, emphasizing intuitive workflows. Encounter note templates are meticulously designed, ensuring precision in information collection while saving practitioners valuable time. GEHRIMED is a provider EHR designed to strike the balance of speed and precision in geriatric practice management, ensuring your providers are capable of more than ever and simplifying pop health concerns. 

  • Drastically reduced note-taking times, bolstering facility efficiency
  • Instant sharing capabilities, ensuring interdisciplinary teams are always in sync
  • An uptick in accuracy, with templates guiding documentation
Geriatric Primary Care + EHR Software | Dashboard Example
Geriatric Primary Care + EHR Software | Data Analytics Dashboard Example

Business intelligence dashboards bring insights at a glance

Stay informed and proactive with our practitioner EHR's dynamic data visualizations, making it straightforward to monitor and analyze clinical, financial, and operational metrics. Our medical practice management software is built with efficiency in mind, and that same focus on intuitive information carries over into the administrative functions of the software suite. 

  • Interactive data representations, aiding comprehension
  • Tailored insights, allowing for well-informed operational decisions
  • Tools for tracking micro and macro organizational goals

Revenue cycle management services to drive profitable growth

Work toward boosting your practice's profitability with our geriatric EHR's built-in revenue cycle management services that facilitate improved cash flow and support your revenue cycle team. Let our practitioner EHR's geriatric billing software help your practice become profitable through accurate, consistent, and timely billing. 

  • Optimized revenue cycles, leading to punctual payments
  • Minimized administrative overhead, freeing resources for growth
  • Tailored strategies to support practice expansion and diversification

Geriatric practice management software with easy, intuitive charting

Access to top features in a practitioner EHR means nothing if the tools don’t function as you need them to within your specific workflows. We at Netsmart know that your workflows differ significantly from those of other healthcare specialties, which is why you currently feel slowed down by extra pages, unnecessary information fields, and cumbersome workarounds that should intuitively be a part of geriatric practice management software.

GEHRIMED is the only geriatric primary care + EHR software with the leading practice management functionality that caters to those differences. The result? A simple and intuitive user experience for long-term care providers.

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FAQs for Geriatric Medical Practice Management Software

GEHRIMED is the first ONC-Certified LTC EHR.

GEHRIMED’s ONC-certified provider EHR ensures that patient health information is secure, confidential and interoperable with other systems while within the geriatric care management software, so you can confidently share information in a protected fashion. With built-in end-to-end compliance features, GEHRIMED streamlines your workflow from within the practitioner EHR and protects your LTPAC practice from exposure.

Drummond Certified ONC Health IT 2015 Edition

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