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McBee provides clinical, financial and operational strategic advisory consulting solutions and education that address the needs of more than 4,000 organizations across the healthcare industry. Health systems, home health, hospice, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing and other healthcare organizations across the nation look to McBee to guide and support them through the various challenges they encounter.

McBee is committed to helping healthcare organizations manage change, enhance financial results, and improve clinical outcomes. Through industry-leading solutions, McBee equips providers with the right resources and sustainable strategies to adapt, innovate, and thrive to help lead the future of community-based care.

McBee OASIS Accuracy and Coding Services

Address inaccuracies in coding and OASIS documentation to optimize reimbursement and improve clinical outcomes. Learn more about our OASIS & coding services with a free 45-minute demo.

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OASIS and Coding

3% increase in case mix index due to improved OASIS accuracy

95% reduction in annual internal staff training and certification costs

Episode Management

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5% reduction in time spent on key processes

3% increase in revenue due to improved quality ratings

*All statistics collected by third-party research firm: Hobson & Company

McBee Services

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