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Justice-Involved Initiative: How Providers Can Help Bring Equitable Care

Julie Hiett, VP and GM, Population Health

Monday, July 22 | Care Coordination,Human Services,Legislative/Policy

Californians who have spent time in jails, prisons or youth correctional facilities face a higher risk for both physical and mental illness. The number of incarcerated Californians with a mental health diagnosis rose by 63 percent in the last decade, and 66 percent of those currently incarcerated require substance use treatment. But even after their release, overdose is the leading cause of death for Californians who have been justice-involved––at a rate three times higher than other states.

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How and When to Analyze & Update Internal & External Medical Clinic Policies

Ada Gudex, Senior Director and GM, TheraOffice

Sunday, July 21 | Partnerships and Collaboration,Thought Leadership

Updating clinic policies and procedures ensures compliance and reduces risks. Learn how to review medical clinic policies and align with best practices.


Emergency Preparedness and Population Health: Understanding Your Data for Mobilization

Sarah Bush, Senior Client Alignment Executive, Public Health

Friday, July 19 | Care Coordination,Interoperability,Human Services

Rapid and effective crisis response—whether natural disasters, pandemics or other emergencies—can save lives. A modern data strategy, driven by actionable insights, is vital for ensuring sustainability, growth and the acceleration of mission-driven outcomes.


Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Electronic Visit Verification

Lindsay Mack, Director, Client Success

Tuesday, July 09 | Thought Leadership,Care Coordination

Electronic visit verification (EVV) is changing the way care is delivered and monitored outside of traditional healthcare facilities. EVV benefits people receiving care through greater accountability and more consistent service delivery. Caregivers also benefit from better connectivity, increased efficiency and less paperwork.


Harnessing Integrated Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Software for Autism Advancements

Tricia Zerger, Senior Director, Human Services Strategy

Tuesday, July 02 | Human Services,Partnerships and Collaboration,EHR Solutions and Operations

Autism is one of the fastest-growing areas in human services. A group of experts discuss some of the trends and challenges in the industry. What’s changing in the IDD industry? What do providers need to be aware of?


Enhanced Care Management: Care Coordination for California's Most Vulnerable

AJ Peterson, SVP and GM, CareGuidance

Thursday, June 20 | Care Coordination,Human Services,Legislative/Policy,Interoperability

Did you know that half of all Medi-Cal spending goes to members with the highest risk? These individuals have complex needs and generally require treatment across multiple care settings - such as mental health, physical health and substance use. Enhanced Care Management (ECM) is a statewide Medi-Cal benefit that provides case management services for these members, improving outcomes while streamlining costs.


Four EVV Challenges and How Addressing Them Can Improve Care and Operations

Hannah Patterson, VP and GM, Workforce Management

Monday, June 17 | Value-based Care,Thought Leadership

With the dust settling on electronic visit verification (EVV) compliance, it’s time to evaluate the main challenges payers and providers face in the EVV space. Here are four challenges and how addressing them can improve care and operations.


Integrated Care: Uniting Physical and Behavioral Health with One Vision

Ian Laster, Director & GM, Integrated Care

Friday, May 31 | Human Services,Thought Leadership,Care Coordination,Value-based Care

Integrated care is the future, and visionary healthcare organizations are joining forces to make it happen. Learn the key drivers behind this shift, considerations for organizations on the path to whole-person care and the infrastructure needed to support this growth.


Netsmart Adds TheraOffice Physical Therapy EMR to CareFabric Platform

Ada Gudex, Senior Director and GM, TheraOffice

Saturday, May 25 | Partnerships and Collaboration,Thought Leadership

Netsmart announced the addition of TheraOffice, an industry-leading practice management platform for physical therapy and rehabilitation practices to the Netsmart portfolio. This addition expands the Netsmart CareFabric® platform to deliver workflows for therapy providers to better connect to all venues of healthcare, with this physical therapy EMR being a critical step in delivering this connectivity to providers of all types.

Medi-Cal Enhancements and How Netsmart Can Help

California CARE Court: Simplifying the Complex. Serving the Most Vulnerable.

AJ Peterson, SVP and GM, CareGuidance

Thursday, May 02 | EHR Solutions and Operations,Interoperability,Legislative/Policy

Recently, the state of California has been making enhancements to Medi-Cal, in order to address issues like mental health, substance use and homelessness for at-risk populations. This blog will focus on CARE Court, a new program that seeks to treat people with severe mental illness within their communities and keep them off the streets. What do you need to know to implement CARE Court? AJ Peterson shares the details.

IDD Leadership Summit

The IDD Summit Part 3: Expert Panel on Workforce Satisfaction

Tricia Zerger, Senior Director, Human Services Strategy

Friday, April 26 | Human Services,Partnerships and Collaboration,Thought Leadership

Workforce Management is a critical issue facing IDD organizations. At our last IDD Summit, we invited an expert panel of leaders from Merakey, Integral Care and Youth Consultation Services, to share their innovative strategies for reducing staff turnover and increasing retention.


Making EveryDayMatter: Celebrating National Volunteer Month

Wendy Hill, Chief People Officer

Monday, April 22 | Netsmart Life,Cause Connected,Netsmart in the Community,Netsmart Culture

Wendy Hill sheds light on the importance of volunteering and how finding ways to express our cause-connected mindset provides us the opportunity to grow and learn from one another. Through the EveryDayMatters program, Netsmart encourages associates to engage with charitable organizations, fostering a culture of giving back and making a meaningful impact in communities nationwide.

ANCOR Advanced Automation

ANCOR Recap: Advanced Automation

Tricia Zerger, Senior Director, Human Services Strategy

Friday, April 19 | EHR Solutions and Operations,Human Services,Revenue Cycle/Billing,Thought Leadership

In this recap of our presentation at ANCOR, I'm joined by IDD and technology experts to discuss advanced automation––and how it can empower DSPs to better serve the IDD community.

How Does Physical Therapy Software Help Streamline Patient Care

What is EMR Software?

Ada Gudex, Senior Director and GM, TheraOffice

Friday, April 19 | Partnerships and Collaboration,Thought Leadership

EMR software helps healthcare organizations manage patient data securely and efficiently. Learn about the benefits and types of EMR software systems.


Survey Success: Proactive Strategies for Hospice Survey Preparedness and Response

Dawn Cheek, Director, Clinical Consulting, McBee

Thursday, April 18 | EHR Solutions and Operations,Legislative/Policy,Post-Acute Care,Thought Leadership,Value-based Care

Staying up to date with survey processes in hospice care helps you work towards ensuring quality, safety and operational efficiency. The year 2023 brought significant changes to the hospice survey landscape, with implications that resonate into 2024.