Easily capture, store and retrieve documents

Document Management

Netsmart document capture and storage solutions simplify managing content, whether it’s digital or on paper. The solutions integrate with EHRs to make information digitally accessible to the right staff members when and where they need it.

Electronically locate documents, such as labs, test results and discharge summaries, with ease from one searchable, digital repository. No more searching through files or delaying processes because information is missing. Our document imaging and document management solutions give your team access to the information they need to make informed care decisions right from your EHR.



EHR-integrated document management and capture solutions give care teams access to documents from within the familiar context of their EHR.

  • Role-based document security supports patient privacy requirements for document imaging
  • High-volume, batch scanning and the use of barcoding for easy separation and client record association post-capture
  • Upload multiple files both batch and single mode capture
  • Provides a single, unified view of electronic documents across all agency users
  • Reduces or eliminates physical storage costs for paper documents from multiple departments
  • Improves clinical decision-making with relevant, actionable information readily available at the point of care

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