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Referral Management

Organizations use fewer resources to handle referrals, processing them more quickly and accurately, and gaining a competitive advantage.

Our referral management solution gathers data and provides analytics and dashboards to help organizations gauge referral sources, patient risk and program performance. Once a referral is accepted, the solution passes patient information to the EHR, creating efficiencies for the admissions team by populating the pre-admit workflows. The shared documentation platform and integrated secure chat features provide transparency and enhance collaboration during the referral intake process.

Additionally, the solution provides consistent and reliable operational, financial and performance reporting. Using embedded secure messaging tools, internal teams can collaborate on the most appropriate care setting for the individual, enabling providers to deliver more effective care coordination and transitions of care.


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  • Transition patients to care faster by quick and effective collaboration with streamlined and automated workflows
  • Enhance internal collaboration, visibility and transparency across clinical and financial stakeholders
  • Confidently communicate with referring sources
  • Reduce the need for redundant data entry, saving time and resources
  • Remove data fragmentation across multiple platforms


  • Streamline inter-disciplinary teams’ communication into a single platform
  • Quickly review referrals based on organizational best practices to make informed accept/decline decisions
  • Integration with electronic health record simplifies the admission process
  • Workflow automation ensures clinical and financial tasks are completed in a timely manner


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