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Netsmart myHealthPointe is a user-friendly, web- and app-based consumer engagement software that simplifies involving consumers in their care. myHealthPointe Portal, our consumer engagement solution, is easy to use and integrates with Netsmart electronic health records (EHRs). It offers individuals secure, convenient access to their clinical and personal information, and allows them to electronically schedule appointments, receive alerts, view lab results and request medication refills.

For clinicians and administrators, our consumer engagement software reduces phone calls and offers a more complete view of consumer-reported information. HIPAA-compliant direct messaging expedites response to individual needs. Push reminders and alerts designed to reduce no-shows, and telehealth appointments can be launched directly from the solution.

Watch the video and see firsthand how myHealthPointe simplifies and encourages engagement with direct messaging, easy-to-use self-assessments and more.

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Discover how to engage consumers in their care and stop wasting time on back-and-forth communications.

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Key features

  • Individuals can request appointments and medication refills, see lab results and receive reminder notices and alerts
  • Integrates with Netsmart EHRs and evidence-based practices, including Reaching Recovery™
  • Allows individuals to update personal information, take assessments and electronically sign consents
  • Supports secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging between consumers and providers

Key benefits

  • Gives consumers direct access to lab results and other information without contacting providers
  • Supports proactive decisions by the care team by providing a comprehensive view of consumer-reported data and assessments
  • Provides operational and clinical efficiencies by updating consumer information assessments and consents through direct integration with Netsmart EHRs
  • Increases appointment attendance and medication adherence through electronic scheduling, push reminders, medication refill requests
  • Allows access to care with telehealth appointments that can be launched directly from the solution

Learn how myHealthPointe’s easy-to-use features help encourage consumers to be more engaged in their care

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