Electronic Health Record software designed for human services and post-acute care providers 

Electronic health records

Our electronic health record software (EHRs) offer workflows and functionality designed to meet the unique needs of the care communities you serve. Our EHRs are a key component of the CareFabric™ platform, our comprehensive suite of solutions and services that further extends the connectivity, interoperability and functionality of our electronic health records software.

Because they are purpose-built for human services and post-acute care providers, our electronic health record software makes it easy for clinical, administrative and financial teams to access the information they need. In addition, our EHRs facilitate the seamless and secure integration of information across communities, so you can collaborate with other providers, including primary and acute care, to ensure the delivery of the most effective care across settings. 
As a result, processes throughout your organization can be streamlined, so you can focus on your mission–serving the needs and improving outcomes for the individuals in your care. 


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Application Management Services

Application support for your healthcare technology solutions

  • Capacity to handle EHR configuration and expansion
  • Eliminates need for continual investment in training of application support staff
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Billing and Collection Services

Healthcare billing and collection services that improve cash flow and enhance profitability

  • Helps ensure consistent cash flow
  • Provides the ability to quickly scale as your business grows
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BI Software for Healthcare

Healthcare Business Intelligence Solutions

  • User-friendly interface and features do not require programming skills
  • Simplifies healthcare data discovery for key decision-makers
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Leverage the network for integrated care

  • Provides one point of access to connect to the larger healthcare ecosystem
  • Reduces costs and improves safety by minimizing redundant or unnecessary treatment during transitions of care
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CareConnect™ Inbox

Quickly and securely share data

  • Easily and safely share data with other providers, eliminating the redundancy of diagnostic testing
  • Simplify communication among care team members and improve staff efficiency 
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Comprehensive care coordination and data sharing

  • Addresses care transitions and long-term care needs through person-centered planning
  • Highlights potential gaps in care, critical issues and social determinants of health
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CarePOV™ Behavior Tracking

Supporting person-directed services

  • Promotes staff productivity through schedule management
  • Enables informed decision making with real-time progress measurement
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CarePOV™ Clinician

Mobile EHR access anytime, anywhere

  • Fast implementation delivers significant value to your organization with minimal effort
  • Improves security by encrypting data and eliminating the need to transport paper charts and files
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CarePOV™ Observer

Collect observations with ease and efficiency

  • Collect observation data from a drop-down menu
  • Quickly access caseloads
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Clinical Quality Measures

Eliminate complex calculations for quality measures reporting

  • Eliminates the need for complex calculations for measures reporting, allowing the organization to focus resources on maximizing results
  • Provides insights into a clinician’s caseload, allowing performance reviews from an outcomes management perspective
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Claims Adjudication

Streamline claims processing and reconciliation

  • Business rules engine to pre-screen
  • Provides financial insights through reconciliation of claims status
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Clearinghouse & Third-Party Liability

Significantly reduce payer rejections

  • Eligibility checking is integrated with claims processing and flags any issues
  • Delivers, fast, clear correction guidance to the user
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Reduce denials and streamline provider onboarding

  • Comprehensively manage all group and individual provider enrollment
  • Reduce administrative costs for maintaining credentials
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Document Management

Easily capture, store and retrieve documents

  • Role-based document security supports patient privacy requirements for document imaging
  • Improves clinical decision-making with relevant, actionable information readily available at the point of care
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Eligibility Management

Simplify coverage verification and minimize manual efforts

  • Batch verification and real-time eligibility via clearinghouse solution
  • Coverage discovery that identifies primary, secondary and tertiary coverage, including active government and commercial insurance coverage
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Enhancing operations and helping providers return to their mission: providing care

  • Improved customer satisfaction with live telephone support
  • Stability of a solution that has served customers for over 30 years
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Homecare Advisor

A single, integrated solution to seamlessly manage clinical, operational and financial workflows in home health

  • Accommodates flexible billing for all payer types
  • Automate day-to-day tasks, helping to decrease errors, lower labor costs, and develop cleaner business processes
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Hospice Advisor

Hospice solutions to gain greater insights and more time to deliver care

  • Standardize documentation for improved patient outcomes
  • Support the uniqueness of each patient’s environment, psychosocial, physical and spiritual needs
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IT Strategy and Advisory Services

Boost business performance with healthcare IT advisory services

  • Oversight and management of all IT service delivery functions
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual usage of vCIO services
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KPI Dashboards™

Transform data into actionable insights

  • Simplifies data discovery so you get answers faster
  • Customizable performance tracking and clinical assessment data
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Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)

Manage Plan Utilization and Reduce Fraud, Waste and Abuse

  • Web-based solution integrates with 100+ EHRs and EVV apps
  • Supports verification of regulatory compliance and prior authorizations
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Manage Medicaid Utilization and Reduce Fraud, Waste and Abuse

  • Reduces manual reporting
  • Shows which claims match and which need additional information prior to payment
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BD Pyxis MedBank

BD Pyxis MedBank Medication and Supply Management Solutions

  • Compact footprint that maximizes space and capacity
  • Programmable CUBIE high security, tamper evident pockets
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CarePOV™ Medical Note for Psychiatry

A comprehensive view for behavioral health

  • Captures clinical quality measures
  • Integrates an individual’s lab results, vitals and medication history to provide a clear picture of what care is necessary
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CarePOV™ Medical Note for Primary Care

Providing users with an efficient and integrated workflow

  • Comprehensive view of individual information improves medication management
  • Provides a user-friendly interface to increase clinician efficiency and reduce the need for multiple forms
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myAvatar: The EHR for Behavioral Health

  • Automated electronic remittance processing efficient denial management workflow
  • Manages complex billing requirements for long-term, intensive episodes of care
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Providing quality care for all types of addiction treatment

  • Provides real-time analytics and reporting
  • Supports flexible, value-based reimbursements
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myAvatar MSO

Conquer and administer claims with ease

  • Reduces administrative costs and overpayments to contracting providers
  • Supports both electronic data interchange (EDI) and manual processes
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Delivering a transformative approach to behavioral healthcare

  • Support for person-centered care in a range of settings
  • Case coordination across programs, providers and communities
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myEvolv® Anywhere

Providing care without limits

  • Operates in a connected or disconnected setting
  • Captures e-signatures from clients on-the-go
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myEvolv® Essentials

EHR designed to meet your unique requirements and thrive in a value-based care setting

  • Built on a scalable platform to adapt as your organization grows and offers new programs
  • Supports integrated, whole-person care allowing organizations to collaborate with other providers
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Providing quality care for all types of addiction treatment

  • Automates medication dispensing rates faster than industry standards
  • Helps organizations maintain compliance with regulatory entities
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myHealthPointe™ Consumer Portal

Supporting consumer-driven care

  • Provide quick, convenient and secure messaging that drives improved responsiveness to an individual’s needs
  • Illustrates consumer’s health and behavior outcomes over time with a longitudinal view of their health and wellness
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An EHR specifically designed for public health

  • Real-time access to individuals’ records, from the office or the field
  • Confidentiality set at agency, program and encounter level
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myPOV™ Vitals

Electronically capture client vitals at the right time with the right device

  • View vitals history for up to three months in the app
  • Easily view outliers
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myUnity® Home Care & Hospice

Easily manage the complexity in any home care setting

  • Train staff fast with easy-to-use and understandable technology
  • Connectivity that allows you to become electronic referral partners to Health Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations, health systems and local hospitals and providers
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myUnity® for Palliative Care

ONC-certified software for palliative care

  • Designed to meet the unique needs of palliative care
  • Powerful user experience
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myUnity® Senior Living

A single platform to meet all your senior living needs

  • Connect with local health systems and community-based providers to integrate care
  • Achieve higher compliance with point-of-care documentation
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Mobile Dispatch

Improve your response time with mobile dispatch

  • Simplifies scheduling and saves time for administrators coordinating visits
  • Optimizes visit assignments, allowing caregivers to see more patients
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Netsmart Homecare

A single, integrated solution to manage home health

  • Reduces barriers to patient information
  • Increases efficiency and improves outcomes
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Nutrition Management

Redefining nutrition and food service management

  • Track patient nutritional needs from admission to discharge
  • Reduce food waste and overall costs
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Streamline medication management

  • Helps increase medication adherence and prevent adverse medication events
  • Reduces time spent communicating with pharmacies
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PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS hosting for your business-critical applications

  • Cost predictability and overall peace of mind
  • More time for your IT staff to focus on business needs
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Plexus Cloud (Hosting)

Healthcare cloud services for increased security, availability and performance

  • SSAE 18-compliant with annual third-party audit of all security/compliance controls
  • Meets HIPAA security standards to comply with regulatory requirements
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Payment portal

Create simple, convenient payment options for all patients

  • An easy way for clients to set up and manage self-serve payments, payment plans, electronic statement delivery and payment preferences
  • Reduce customer service inquiries with an intuitive and easy-to-use self-serve option
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Private Insurance

Manage Private Insurance Utilization and Reduce Fraud, Waste and Abuse

  • Reduces manual reporting
  • Allows commercial health plans to manage usage of prior authorizations and improve outcomes
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CarePathways™ Measures Reporting

Leverage clinical quality measures

  • Web-based, real-time measures calculation platform
  • Integrated workflows for data captures with the EHR
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Reaching Recovery™

Strengths based recovery

  • Tracks social determinants of health and key environmental factors that correspond to recovery
  • Works as a standalone web application for any organization or agency nationwide
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Rapid reimbursement with electronic claims management and eligibility verification

  • Increased clean claim submission
  • Faster claim adjudication
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Electronically manage medication ordering, administration and inventory for inpatient pharmacy functions

  • Available as a stand-alone solution for long-term care facilities and hospitals
  • Supports multiple pharmacy paradigms
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Senior Living

Retirement community software eliminates barriers to coordinated care

  • Long-term care EHR offers advanced connectivity
  • Integrated features support value-based care initiatives for skilled nursing facilities, CCRCs and assisted living facilities
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Secure Messaging

Communicate and collaborate with internal staff and external providers

  • Provides HIPAA-compliant, real-time, mobile communication among caregivers
  • Improves workflow through secure communication with the EHR, mobile devices and desktops
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Virtual Care

Extend settings and expand services with virtual care technology

  • Lowers the cost of providing care
  • Expands the availability of staff and high-demand providers
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Vital Records System Software

Validate, register and issue county and state records electronically

  • Quick and easy creation of new, client-specific events without customization and programming
  • Helps reduce time completing final certification and registration of vital records
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Wound Care

Strengthen your wound care program

  • Provides care teams the ability to remotely monitor wounds
  • Reduces litigation risk by providing consistent clinical documentation and healing over time analytics
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