Health monitoring engages consumers in their care

Health Status Monitoring

Health status monitoring is a consumer engagement solution that promotes wellness through communication between consumers and care providers. By completing surveys through a user-friendly, secure communications solution, consumers self-report health indicators, such as diet, exercise habits, tobacco and alcohol usage.

The information is incorporated into the electronic health record (EHR), giving care teams a comprehensive view of an individual’s health and behavior over time. The information also allows providers to address issues as they arise and improve outcomes.



Wellness monitoring solution uses self-reported consumer information to give care teams insights and a longitudinal view into the health and wellness of consumers in their care.

  • Supports consumer engagement and wellness through self-reported health indicators
  • Secure, user-friendly communications solution
  • Information is incorporated into the EHR for review by care team members
  • Offers timely insights into the health status of individuals, enabling proactive clinical decisions
  • Promotes collaboration between consumers and providers
  • Allows individuals to be active participants in their health and recovery

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