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Population Health Management

The Netsmart population health management platform let you aggregate data across providers to improve the quality of care in the populations you serve. With real-time insights into clinical, financial and operational data, you'll also be able to maximize reimbursement from share-risk payment agreements even as you reduce costs and improve outcomes. It's the most powerful set of population health management tools available to post-acute and human services organizations.

Does having one aggregate view of your state programs’ data seem impossible? During this webinar, you’ll learn different strategies being adopted by states across the country to track programs like 988 and CCBHC. Discover how a centralized approach can help you measure and manage care for the best clinical outcomes.


Get a complete view of the populations you serve

Our population health solutions seamlessly connect your organization with other care providers, so you can improve care coordination and develop complete, longitudinal records that include the physical, mental and social aspects of individuals' needs.

Segment populations by risk to support timely interventions

Analytic and reporting tools systematically segment risks in populations and stratify by risk levels. With this information, your staff and partners can plan timely interventions to prevent emergency visits and rehospitalizations.

Improve analytics and develop more efficient protocols

With access to population health management analytics, your staff can flag individuals and develop more efficient protocols for specific conditions. Many care management tasks are automated, removing potential errors and providing greater efficiency.

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Business intelligence dashboards

Track clinical, financial and operational goals with flexible, interactive data visualizations that make it easy to quantify your organization's success.

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