Enhancing operations and helping providers return to their mission: providing care


Twenty thousand practices across the country rely on Helper to enhance operations and return providers to their mission: providing care. For three decades and counting, Helper has served the practice management software needs of private practices. It serves individual and group practices comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists, social workers and other mental health professionals through the delivery of intuitive, affordable practice management software.

Helper software addresses the continuum of practice needs, from billing, scheduling and reporting, to electronic claims submission, credit card payment processing, e-prescribing and billing services. Clients realize tangible benefits that include accelerated cash flow, organized appointment setting, reduced prescription errors, and most importantly, added time to focus on the wellness and recovery of individuals in their care.




  • No implementation needed
  • Improved customer satisfaction with live telephone support
  • Stability of a solution that has served customers for over 30 years
  • Low risk choice with HIPAA compliant security design


  • Robust billing configuration options allows customers to design the solution to their practice’s needs
  • Real-time ledger views that update payments received as they are processed
  • Electronic billing that automatically reconciles explanation of benefits (EOB) to improve your cash flow
  • Simplified submission of secondary claims
  • Integration with OrderConnect e-Prescribing in a single solution
  • Accepts credit card payments and integrates data entry with the payment process

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