Integrated technology, services and solutions for substance use and addiction treatment providers


Solutions for Addiction Treatment

The need for treatment services continues to grow. To meet the challenge, our addiction treatment EHR solution supports care coordination among providers to ensure individualized, whole-person care and put people on the path to recovery.

Treatment for substance use usually doesn’t take place in one setting, and episodes of care can extend over a significant period of time. Our addiction treatment EHR solution supports evidence-based treatment, self-help and consumer engagement tools for both abstinence treatment and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) models. Our extensive experience has prompted organizations such as Rappahannock CSB, Recovery Resources, Sauk County Department of Health Services and Credo Community Center to place their trust in our solution.

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"When it comes to managing the opioid crisis and addiction treatment, it is vital to know a person’s complete health history, including behavioral and physical health. Unless all providers have equal access to technology that allows them to exchange and integrate healthcare information with other providers, we cannot achieve true integrated care or parity between behavioral and physical health."
Neal Tilghman - Netsmart General Manager of Behavioral Health