Important Update on Carequality

April 29, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, data sharing among providers has become more important than ever. An individual’s healthcare information must flow as seamlessly as possible, as care is being rapidly diverted and served in varying care settings and delivery models.

To support your needs to seamlessly exchange data across hospitals and primary care networks, Netsmart is offering clients the ability to begin leveraging Carequality to rapidly adopt interoperability capabilities for clients who don’t leverage it today. Carequality, a framework that integrates directly with your Netsmart CareRecord, will equip your staff with the right information they need to achieve efficiencies, maximize patient care and enhance care coordination. Carequality is a national health information exchange framework, which exchanges more than 90M documents per month. The network consists of more than 600,000 providers, 50,000 clinics and 2,000 hospitals promoting interoperability and data exchange across the entire care continuum.

Anyone who signs up for Carequality between now and June 30 will receive the first three months of the annual subscription rate at no charge so you can gain nationwide connectivity during this time of crisis. In addition, to provide the highest level of flexibility to focus on the short-term needs of your patients, Netsmart is offering the free three-month subscription with no long-term obligation. We hope this no-obligation approach increases speed of adoption during this time of immense need.

As a founder and live implementor of Carequality, Netsmart has a passion for seeing our clients take advantage of the nationwide connectivity that the Carequality framework provides through a seamless data integration to your CareRecord. Our rapid deployment model allows for an expedited onboarding process, allowing you to start sharing data with healthcare providers quickly.

Thank you for our continued partnership as we stand with you to serve our communities. It is our sincerest hope that all our clients take advantage of this capability to provide additional insight and support to the outstanding care you are known for delivering with the largest healthcare network available. To get started, please visit the Carequality resource page or reach out to your Client Alignment Executive.

Thank you,

AJ Peterson
Netsmart VP/GM