Healthcare IT Value Model 

Netsmart is proud to be one of the largest and longest-established healthcare IT solution providers, dedicated to moving the industry towards value-based technology adoption. We view healthcare IT as more than just transactions; it's about fostering enduring relationships and mutual innovation for the benefit of our clients' communities. It is part of our mantra, established by our CEO Mike Valentine, that we have “the opportunity and obligation” to serve our clients with solutions that improve care and contribute to the overall success and sustainability of their organization.

In a diverse industry with evolving needs, Netsmart leverages its expertise to address client requirements and industry dynamics, including reimbursement models and regulatory policies, to establish a framework for clients to adopt current success-driven IT capabilities and set the foundation for the future.

The Healthcare IT (HIT) Value Model is a vendor-agnostic common measurement system consisting of seven dimensions, guiding clients in assessing strengths, weaknesses and strategic planning. Each dimension encompasses capabilities with key performance indicators, defining an organization’s ability to use technology and services to achieve specific goals.

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Providing Care

Healthcare organizations rely on effective planning, delivery and documentation of services, with healthcare information technology playing a pivotal role in enhancing care effectiveness and accountability, potentially improving outcomes. Its effective utilization by professionals can enhance healthcare quality, safety and patient education across diverse settings spanning offices, communities and homes.

Workforce Management

Utilizing technologies to support staff optimization, engage teams, increase productivity and drive outcomes.

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Integrating Care

Establishing a unified and comprehensive care process among all providers while maintaining accountability for individuals' health status. Leveraging healthcare IT is vital for methodically delivering coordinated services, improving health outcomes and ensuring efficient access to care.

Data Insights

The ability to track, analyze and report on key performance indicators (KPIs), quality measures and more to enhance productivity, efficiency and quality. Aggregating and exploring data from providers and partners across all care settings to gain a whole-person view of everyone in your population.

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Consumer Engagement

Offering individuals secure, convenient access to clinical and personal information, and allowing individuals to electronically schedule appointments, receive alerts, view lab results and request medication refills.

Care Administration

Managing claims, payments, and revenue from intake to remittance. Simplify and streamline the business side of healthcare with credentialing, real-time eligibility verification, and patient centric payment portals. Healthcare IT significantly enhances practice management, boosting efficiency and saving costs.

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Population Health Management

Leveraging data for a whole-person view of your population, including social, mental and physical health coordinating care to improve outcomes and reduce costs, supporting value-based reimbursement models.

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Reduce Time

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Embracing the HIT Value Model not only drives cost savings and operational efficiencies but also positions clients as industry leaders in their markets. If you're interested in understanding your organization’s HIT Value Model journey, please contact the Netsmart Client Experience team at

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