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At Netsmart, we don't view automation as one size fits all. We use our in-depth knowledge of your organization to automate what's most impactful to you. It's important to be strategic when implementing automation, and we're here to help healthcare organizations with that strategy.

AI and automation aim to minimize manual, repetitive tasks, so your clinical, financial and operational staff can experience a better work environment and amplify their contributions to the organization.

Our AI is meaningful because of the impact it has on the individuals you serve. We understand the unique operating models of the human services, public sectorpost-acute, physical therapy and geriatric care communities. That means we know the considerations and planning needed to implement AI solutions.

Simply put, our automation platform is here to help you and your team—with a purpose and a plan.


AI Before AI: Navigating the Next Era of
Tech-Enabled Healthcare

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AI and automation built for healthcare

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See how automation enables care organizations to focus on just that—care.

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How AI can transform your organization

When you make AI meaningful, you’re not just creating efficiency. You enable what we call the AI trifecta: staff retention, improved outcomes and maximized reimbursement. These improvements benefit clinical, financial and operational staff. They strengthen your organization—and the communities you serve.

Staff Retention

Your team is your greatest strength. By integrating automated tools into your daily operations, you can empower both clinical and administrative staff by amplifying the work they do. Automation makes the documentation process faster and easier, while enhancing data visibility to support patient care and communication. This targets accuracy, compliance and reimbursement. And, it lightens the load on your staff, reducing burnout and fostering a healthier work-life balance.


Optimized Outcomes

With the power of automation, you can transform care delivery and work toward better outcomes. Next-generation data analysis, augmented intelligence and predictive models empower your clinicians with data-driven decision-making. Meaningful solutions powered by AI, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning and are simplifying technology so your staff can focus on providing care, not administrative work. At its core, automation aims to help staff receive timely, pertinent information, predict trends and provide the right care at the right time.

Maximized Reimbursement

Automation aims to reduce human error and boost accuracy, which can have a huge impact on your reimbursement. By optimizing authorization and eligibility, organizations set themselves up for a first pass pay rate—because the accuracy of information captured up front impacts the reimbursement process. Plus, using back-office automation tools like collection automation helps collectors prioritize their workflow for more efficiency and progress toward a better revenue cycle.


Meaningful AI Playbook

As trusted experts and advisors in the AI space, Netsmart is here to help community-based providers navigate this new era of healthcare technology. Download the interactive playbook to help guide your framework, determine next steps and learn how you can measure the value of your AI and automation strategy.

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AI and automation in action

+ 67 %

average note
writing speed

+ 84 %

average time
session to sign


days faster

+ 16 %

average claims
per Direct Support
Provider (DSP)


hours saved
per staff
per week


*Data calculated from an average of five clients over a six month period.


“Our staff have found that Bells (augmented progress notes) cuts their documentation time in half. Those who use it, love it!”

- Carol G., Quality Improvement Officer, Family Counseling Center, Inc.


“One of the things that, as a supervisor, I’ve always wanted to do, is celebrate the wins. Our staff works hard, and being able to see the data and the effects of that— look how much progress you made today, or in the week— was just simply unavailable before. Having that information is incredible [for the team].”

- Matt B., Director of Reimbursement, Integral Care


“Our management teams now have visibility into our collection activities for analytics, coaching and training. We can make quick business decisions around our collection assignments and workflow. with the provider-controlled configuration functionality within the system.”

- Bryan Q., Senior Program Manager, Revenue Cycle Operational Support, Bayada Home Health Care

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Netsmart Accelerates AI Innovations with AWS and Expands Partnership to Optimize Outcomes for Community-Based Providers

Learn how Netsmart and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have partnered to develop the AI Data Lab, integrating AWS technology within the CareFabric platform to enhance AI capabilities in community-based care through predictive analytics, natural language processing and generative AI.


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