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The myAvatar Managed Services Organization (MSO) is a comprehensive practice management software solution helps manage an organization’s financial risk by administering provider network contracts and integrating authorizations and claims processing.

The solution is highly adaptable, accommodating the specialized needs of states, counties, managed care organizations, specialty networks and providers who need to administer external provider contracts.




  • Reduces administrative costs and overpayments to contracting providers
  • Supports both electronic data interchange (EDI) and manual processes
  • Integrates with ProviderConnectTM to offer an online solution for smaller contracting providers to request and track authorizations, submit claims and receive remittances


  • Produces, accepts and adjudicates HIPAA compliant EDI Transaction Sets – 270/271, 276/277, outbound 278, inbound/outbound 837 and outbound 835
  • Enables organizations to automate the claim adjudication process, where edits can be configured to pay, pend or deny claims
  • Real-time access to provider contract limits and utilization
  • Provides staff with an efficient workflow for evaluating and processing service authorization requests by contracting providers


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