Our efforts for Q1 are focused primarily on PDGM improvements based on user feedback, mobile app enhancements/standard hospice suite updates, as well as an integration for ADT feeds and enhanced scheduling capabilities.

PDGM: LUPA thresholds for the first 30-day period are shown in the Projected Versus Actual, as well as the HIPPS code. Standard OASIS Forms also display the LUPA Threshold and HIPPS code. The PDGM Effective Date can be updated in agencies’ insurance libraries to indicate a later start date for Medicare Advantage plans still under PPS.

Q1 Forecast: We will continue to make improvements to make the PDGM transition easier for agencies. An ADT (Admissions, Discharges, and Transfers) integrated feed is being developed, which will allow standardized patient demographic information to be transmitted across healthcare systems.

The myUnity® Mobile app will continue to add to the available forms and features. We are continuing work on integrated scheduling with the myUnity essentials billing module, which will allow enhanced scheduling features through back office. Additionally, we are developing the ability for the Hospice Discharge HIS form to automatically calculate visits prior to patient expiration.