Closing the loop: How care coordination can improve your referrals, workforce and crisis outcomes

PEMHS (Personal Enrichment through Mental Health Services) has emerged with better crisis care, increased staff efficiency and improved care outcomes for the populations they serve. Join Joe Stumpo, Director of IT, and Nikki Rupert, Chief Clinical Officer, PEMHS, and Ben Rosen, Client Success Manager, Netsmart to learn more about how cutting-edge care coordination technologies have helped PEMHS achieve best-in-class whole-person care. By building on an established referral program, PEMHS staff can respond more effectively to crisis calls and provide stronger resource collaboration for their inpatient crisis units. From partner agencies to local law enforcement, these efforts have led to more robust connections throughout the community.

Key takeaways:

  • How technology such as e-referrals, secure messaging and continuity of care documents (CCDs) can build a collaborative network of agencies for referral and discharge, ensuring that consumers don’t fall through the gaps.
  • Best practices for keeping patients out of crisis care, including collaboration and direct messaging with the sheriff’s department, which connect them to the right place almost instantly.
  • Ways to leverage technology so that staff reach more people in need, respond with greater efficiency and feel more satisfied by their jobs.
  • Guidelines for leading consumers through their behavioral care journey in a way that’s most beneficial to them: where they were, where they are, and where they’re going.