Integral Care
  • Behavioral Health, Crisis Care, Homelessness, Addiction, IDD
  • Integral Care
  • Travis County, Texas
  • Claims were recorded in Excel spreadsheets, creating redundancies with internal systems
  • Employees had no way of knowing which claims were pending timely filing
  • Payors might make changes without communicating
  • No longitudinal data to track time spent per payor and allocate work efficiently
  • Back-office staff could not resolve simple claim issues until a denial was already received
  • AlphaCollector

Collection Automation: From Redundancy to Rapid Reimbursement

Client spotlight: Integral Care

The AlphaCollector Impact

Before moving to AlphaCollector, Integral Care kept all claims information on spreadsheets. This meant staff had to constantly cross-reference information, which was discarded nightly (preventing the aggregation of longitudinal data). AlphaCollector allows them to read information in near real-time from the EHR and payor sites for greater accuracy and speed. Pending claims can be tracked and show at the top of an employee’s to-do list. Another game-changer is the impact of increased visibility.

Data trends show which payors are the most time-consuming to work on, based on longitudinal trends. And from an internal perspective, leadership can now track the amount of staff time spent on claims. Without this visibility, it’s difficult to allocate work efficiently. Increased visibility creates an environment where managers can celebrate staff wins when speed and volume milestones are reached and contributes to increased employee satisfaction.

Additional results include:
  • Integral Care is positioned to process more claims
  • Access to payor portals facilitated efficient resolution of denials
  • Staff can collaborate effectively based on automated to-do and priority lists

One of the things that, as a supervisor, I’ve always wanted to do, is celebrate the wins. Our staff works hard, and being able to see the data and the effects of that–– look how much progress you made today, or in the week–– was just simply unavailable before. Having that information is incredible [for the team].

- Matt Beasley, Director of Reimbursement, Integral Care