Retain Staff, Maximize Revenue, Drive Outcomes: OPEN MINDS’ National Study On Clinical Documentation & Technology

In this session, learn the results of the recent OPEN MINDS national survey on clinical documentation practices and technology, including:

  • Factors with the greatest impact on growing revenue, profitability and cashflow to provider agencies.
  • Average amount of time clinical staff spends on documentation and how Executives rate the quality prior to a review.
  • Correlation between clinical documentation and EHR satisfaction level.

In addition to a briefing on the survey results, OPEN MINDS’ Senior Associate Joe Naughton-Travers, M.Ed., and Remarkable Health’s CEO, Peter Flick, discussed the new technology-enabled tools to improve clinical documentation processes and how they affect consumer experience and staff productivity and retention.

Featured Speakers

Peter Flick, VP and General Manager of Bells, Netsmart

Peter is the current GM and Vice President of Bells, a part of Netsmart, which acquired Remarkable Health and Bells in 2021. Prior to the acquisition, Peter was the Founder and CEO of Remarkable Health, a Scottsdale-based software company for the behavioral health and human services industry. In 2014, Peter created an investment vehicle to pursue the idea of Remarkable Health, and in 2015, led the acquisition of ClaimTrak, an EHR software pioneer for the behavioral health industry. Post-acquisition, the company launched an enhanced CT|One, a fully integrated EHR. Then in 2021, the company launched, the first virtual clinical documentation assistant for the behavioral health and human services industry.

Previously, Peter co-founded Relay Network, the leading mobile consumer engagement platform for the commercial health insurance industry. At Relay, Peter held early roles as CFO and then VP of Product. He managed the product and technology team, released several products, is an inventor on a mobile communication patent, and led $18M in venture financing.

Joe Naughton-Travers, Ed.M., Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

Joe Naughton-Travers, Ed.M. has more than 30 years of experience in the health and human service field. During his tenure as a Senior Associate with OPEN MINDS since 1998, he has served as lead of dozens of client initiatives, served as editor of OPEN MINDS publications, and is the author of many groundbreaking articles and presentations.

Mr. Naughton-Travers brings to OPEN MINDS a broad range of experiences in private and public sector delivery of behavioral health and social services. He started his career as a behavioral health clinician, working in both child welfare and community mental health clinic settings. Subsequently, Mr. Naughton-Travers held a senior business operations management position for a psychiatric hospital system and its community mental health clinics.  Later, he was vice president of a firm specializing in information systems and billing and receivables management for community-based mental health programs.

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