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myEvolv Anywhere

CarePOV™ myEvolv® Anywhere supports community-based service providers. The iOS and Android applications allow clinicians to document services in real-time as they address the needs of a mobile workforce. The solution provides a complete view of an individual’s health history, and the application will automatically re-sync with the EHR once connected to the internet, eliminating data re-entry. This automated process saves clinicians time and allows them to document care anywhere, anytime.



CarePOV myEvolv Anywhere Mobility Solution



  • Supports dynamic forms
  • Operates in a connected or disconnected setting
  • Captures e-signatures from clients on-the-go
  • Updates clinician travel time and mileage related to scheduled services
  • Provides support for conflict resolution with draft service events in myEvolv


  • Offers full integration with the myEvolv EHR
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments, provide alerts, etc. 
  • Captures an image/photo with ability to upload to a form
  • Offers the ability to complete documentation for scheduled service visits
  • Receives up-to-date client alerts when connected to network


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