Hospice solutions to gain greater insights and more time to deliver care

Hospice Advisor

Hospice Advisor unites your interdisciplinary team with convenient technology that delivers efficiencies in all the right places. Take advantage of standard validated risk and assessment tools and role-based documentation to help improve clinical support and promote informed, responsive and efficient care to meet an individual’s environmental, psychosocial, physical and spiritual needs.

In addition to supporting compassionate care delivery, Hospice Advisor is equipped to manage tasks ranging from medication tracking, bereavement tracking and complex claims billing. It also has capabilities and insight to manage the Hospice Item Set, case conferences and inpatient units (IPUs). With its diverse and dynamic features, Hospice Advisor is well-equipped to free your organization’s time and resources and allow you to deliver your patients the dignified care they deserve.


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Key benefits

  • Provide informed and responsive care
  • Streamline IPU management
  • Provide role-based documentation, enhance efficiency and standardize care
  • Enables real-time care collaboration 

Key features

  • Role-based homepage displays alerts and visual cues for work in progress
  • Creation and tracking of orders, medications, benefit dates, election-date tracking and certificate of terminal illness
  • Interactive documentation of conference attendees, discussions, discoveries and follow-up activities during the meeting
  • Interdisciplinary care plans that collect the information needed to help meet regulatory requirements
  • Patient information (with patient status, interim care and continuous care), alerts, follow-up items and medication administration details for IPU management



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