Platform that Meets the Growing Demands for ABA and Behavior Tracking Services

RethinkBH and Netsmart have partnered to provide a comprehensive solution for autism, IDD and behavioral health organizations providing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and behavior tracking services. Now you can digitize and simplify data collection and analysis, access real-time graphing and implement clinical best practices directly from your EHR. Leverage metrics and insights on your desktop or the mobile app, allowing for easy aggregation of data, on or offline, along with real-time analytics.

Our solution fosters collaboration and better communication between staff and caregivers, facilitating a cohesive approach to individual care. It also supports data-driven decision making in real time, ensuring that interventions are effective and responsive to individual needs. Best of all, you can access all of these benefits through easy-to-use, EHR integration, to provide a comprehensive, whole-person view of client care.

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See technology in action to simplify data collection and data analysis, improve clinical outcomes, and retain quality staff once and for all.

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Clinical best practices

Ensure treatment fidelity, proper documentation and the highest standards of care across your entire organization. Customizable curriculum that includes over 1,500 treatment goals with video-based training embedded to ensure fidelity when implementing with your clients. Clinical assessments such as the integrated VB-MAPP and other industry standard assessments help your staff make real time informed decisions. Rethink’s patent-pending Medical Necessity Assessment, created by clinicians for clinicians, aims to improve the accuracy and adherence of dosage recommendations based on medical necessity.

Simple and easy to use for everyone

For your teams, our mobile app ensures easy data collection on or offline with immediate syncing capability for real time data analysis. In addition, access to our video-based Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Training. The 40-hour course meets certification criteria defined by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). Interactive courses challenge learners and provide administrators real-time access to performance dashboards. Complete courses anytime, anywhere. Increase engagement with Parent/Caregiver Portal. Provide caregivers with resources to track their child’s progress, share documents with the care team, and access on-demand training resources.

Save time and money with Smart Scheduling

Intuitive design simplifies staff-individual coordination, eliminating scheduling conflicts and enhancing individual experiences. Significantly reduce administrative workload by automating tasks such as appointment reminders and real-time scheduling updates, freeing up your team to focus on crucial aspects of your practice. The real-time availability matching improves scheduling accuracy. It ensures that your staff's availability aligns perfectly with your individuals' needs, eliminating scheduling conflicts and enhancing the overall individual experience. This feature allows for better coordination, improved service delivery, and increased individual satisfaction. The scheduler goes beyond just managing appointments. It enables management of your staff’s nonbillable hours, making sure every moment is tracked. This feature allows you to optimize your staff’s productivity by effectively managing their time and availability, leading to improved operational efficiency and staff satisfaction.

See technology in action, simplifying data collection and analysis, improving clinical outcomes, and retaining quality staff once and for all.

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Increase productivity and staff satisfaction with scheduling

Save time and increase scheduling efficiency, along with tools for auditing. The days of managing multiple schedules in spreadsheets or calendars are a thing of the past.

Remote Parent Signatures

Staff can request for a parent or guardian to remotely review and sign session notes.

Appointment Reminders

Increase efficiency when communicating about schedule changes. Send email or SMS appointment reminders to client contacts and/or staff. Inform contacts of upcoming appointments, cancellations or changes in staff, client assignments, appointment dates and times.

Audit Trail

Increase visibility into any appointment changes, (including access to session note activity). See what fields were changed, when, and by whom. Allow users a way to search by appointment and/or modification date as well as by appointment ID or series ID.

Schedule Lock

Lock staff calendars to restrict changes from being made after a payroll or billing period has ended. Users can add Staff Exceptions when changes within the Global Lock period are necessary.

Client Spotlight

“At MyPath, we are passionate about the people we serve and the work we do, and we are so excited for this partnership and believe it will make a true impact for our organization. Our ABA services require a very specialized workflow. In our search for an enterprise electronic record, we were also seeking ABA-specific solutions, so we value that ABA technology will be a component of our broader Netsmart implementation. With advanced technology at our fingertips, we can optimize our data collection, consolidating information within one unified platform.”

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See technology in action, simplifying data collection and analysis, improving clinical outcomes, and retaining quality staff once and for all.

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