• Autism
  • Intellectual and Development Disabilities (IDD)
  • MyPath
  • Wisconsin
  • Needed to digitize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy workflows within one care view
  • Looking to increase efficiency of operations
  • BCBAs and RBTs were seeking greater job satisfaction
  • Rethink Behavior Tracking and ABA

Improving Documentation and Care for Individuals with Autism

Client Spotlight: MyPath

Netsmart ABA Workflow Impact


MyPath partnered with Netsmart to implement the Rethink ABA clinical solution. In just a few weeks the organization gained the following benefits:

  • Digitized treatment planning, scheduling and data collection for ABA services
  • Mobile application that allows providers to handle their documentation at the point of care
  • In-app library of over 1,500 treatment goals and video-based exercises for staff and caregivers
  • Portal for parents and caregivers with resources to track their child’s progress, share documents with care team and access on-demand training resources


  • 82 days to implement
  • 58 clinicians trained
  • 3 months to results

Over the past two months, we have seen many efficiencies across GCS. We have seen that our staff are able to have a better work life balance, they are collecting data during their session, which creates more accurate data and outcomes and allows them to leave work at work. They are also more productive. We have seen that our employees are happier because we don’t have to micromanage them and continue to ask them to complete their notes. Reports and data are automatically generated at the click of a button. The most important comment that continues to resonate through my head is that we have had multiple employees say they are more ‘client focused.’ This is GCS’s main goal, to be client focused. This makes the time and effort of software implementation all worth it!

Kelly Blaschko, Executive Director of GCS