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One Partner, One Platform: Netsmart Will Integrate with Best-in-Class ABA Technology, RethinkFirst

By Tricia Zerger, Senior Director, Human Services

One platform for every major piece of the Human Services puzzle - that’s the Netsmart promise, and we continue to deliver again.

1.4 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with autism, and the cost of care is around $60 billion per year. With 40 years of evidence-based research, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is considered the gold standard and treatment of choice for individuals with Autism. (Developmental Enhancement Behavioral Health.)

If you’re an IDD or autism provider, you won’t want to stop reading this blog. Thanks to our new partnership, RethinkBH ABA clinical solution will integrate with our suite of certified CareRecords™. Get ready to simplify clinical documentation, boost data collection/analytics, manage costs and improve treatment outcomes.

RethinkFirst, like Netsmart provides technology by clinicians, for clinicians. They are comprised of experts and advisors dedicated to transforming health and helping every individual and organization reach their potential. Along with their data scientist, Rethink is advised by a board of internationally recognized experts in the field of special education and clinical research. The Scientific Board ensures that Rethink continues to offer the highest quality research-based products and services in the industry.

As a former clinician, this new partnership is near and dear to my heart. It will empower autism and IDD organizations to digitize ABA therapy workflows within one care view and benefit from simplified clinical documentation and robust data to drive decision-making in real time. The integration fosters collaboration, seamless communication and data-sharing among stakeholders, team members and caregivers.

Coming soon, you won’t want to miss the Podcast with RethinkFirst Executive Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, Jamie Pagliaro and Jen Gray, BCBA Director of Solution Consulting at Netsmart. We will also have an upcoming webinar on Wednesday, September 20 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, where you can see the technology in action. We promise it is worth the wait!



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