Work toward improving documentation, care quality and revenue cycle management


National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) is a behavioral health provider for children and families, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with 65 locations across 10 states. Because of its size, NYAP works with thousands of clinicians––as many as 500 in one state alone. This can easily become complex, from staffing issues to communication, to enforcing processes and procedures––and ultimately, revenue cycle.

The objective

But the biggest issue for the NYAP financial team was credentialing––unsurprising given the sheer number of providers. Credentialing issues have led to several writeoffs that were affecting revenue cycle. Providers were missing or failing to provide critical documentation needed for the credentialing process. Luckily, Netsmart offers credentialing administration through its outsourced Revenue Cycle Management services.

The solution

Netsmart worked with NYAP to design and implement some provider enrollment best practices. Process consistency across states led to streamlined onboarding, enrollment and audits. A key challenge that was tackled was enrollment delays related to missing or incorrect documentation. Provider communication has also improved significantly and is more efficient. And as part of standardized training, everyone is made aware of the revenue cycle implications associated with becoming a NYAP provider and given clear instructions for credentialing. Additional details:

  • Netsmart created a credentialing program and provided needed oversight.
  • NYAP’s internal HR department now has clear steps, regulations and guidance to help them manage the process. A New Hire Onboarding process has been rolled out in all 10 states.
  • The program targets provider relationships, helping everyone feel part of the NYAP mission and supporting job satisfaction companywide.
  • Revenue Cycle Management processes have improved, along with NYAP’s financial health.*

Credentialing was a major pain point for the organization, especially in the whole revenue cycle. We needed help to get caught up and in a better place. Since we teamed up with Netsmart, the relationship with our internal users has gotten better by leaps and bounds. And I hope that will continue in the future.

Tom McDermott, Chief Financial Officer, NYAP

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*Comparing A/R days and collections from September 2022 – August 2023