Telehealth expands care delivery options in this time of need

A Message from AJ Peterson - 3/13/20

As concerns around COVID-19 continue to rise, several clients have reached out to me to understand ways to supplement their ability to deliver care and services through telehealth capabilities. These clients shared that they are preparing for ways to deliver care in a virtual manner in both human services and post-acute communities. I’ve been humbled to hear stories about the transition from preparation to immediately delivering care to patients who have been quarantined. 

Based on the urgency of the situation, I wanted to proactively share with you our telehealth options. If you should need help putting virtual care in place, we have an integrated solution for myAvatar, myEvolv and myUnity® clients through our partnership with amwell (AmericanWell). This solution is ready to deploy for both consumers and providers and we can move rapidly to help. 

For other CareRecords, while we don’t yet have a fully integrated solution for telehealth, we have developed a consumer and provider mobile application that can support virtual sessions. This solution is also through our partnership with amwell and is ready to be deployed to serve patients virtually. 

If we can help, or if you have questions and would like more information, please reach out to your Client Alignment Executive.


AJ Peterson
Vice President, GM CareGuidance