Monti Molzen Selected as a TIER Mentor

The selection process for the 2019-2020 Netsmart Mentoring Program has ended and we are pleased to announce the addition of the first client mentor for TIER. Congratulations to Monti Molzen from Plains Area Mental Health!

Netsmart mentors provide assistance in the form of 1:1 mentoring, but the most popular way to engage with them is through Office Hours. Each mentor holds an Office Hour for one hour each month covering topics of their choice, or those that are voted on by interested clients. Join a call to get answers to your questions, seek recommendations from fellow users, see demonstrations of new functionality and much more!

Monti will begin hosting Office Hours and 1:1 mentoring sessions in September. Stay tuned to the TIER National User Group on NetsmartCommunity for additional details or send questions to

If you love sharing your TIER knowledge with others and would like to join Monti as a mentor, let us know. We welcome the opportunity to add other participants from the TIER community.