Essentia v8.07 is available!

This past quarter, the Essentia team has been hard at work. We have resolved approximately 60 issues and completed the following enhancements with v8.07:

  • A new EMR property for CPOE order entry allows the agency to control the heading on the CPOE order comments column to display as indications instead of comments and make the field a requirement upon order entry.
  • The printed 1500 settings maintenance portlet was upgraded with two new controls for printed 1500 claim forms. You can now limit the print to one date per form and/or limit the print to one line per form based on reimbursement.
  • The apply processing in the electronic remittance portlet now allows the user to cancel the application if the results were not what was expected.
  • We modified the patient-specific education end-user portlet and added back the “assign document” button.
  • A new portal property permits the end-user to configure the grace period to reverse a discharge.
  • Now, users of the 1500 claims setup process can configure box 14 to pull the accident date from the additional details in the client insurance portlet.

We are excited about these new updates, and we encourage you to reach out to your Client Alignment Executive with any questions!