Real or fake?

If you can’t tell the difference, how do you know if your interoperability network is seamless or not?

You’ve heard all the buzz words: interoperability, integrated care, robust workflows. Is your connection to the rest of healthcare an integrated solution capable of exchanging data electronically and integrating discrete data into a clinical workflow or is it a basic connection for viewing and retrieving static read only data?

For most EHR companies, connecting to the rest of healthcare is a future state…something they are starting to work on. At Netsmart, our clients have been seamlessly and securely sharing HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 compliant information within all areas of healthcare for more than a decade. They’re working with an EHR that was specifically built for their unique needs and workflows.

Through a single connection point, your organization can exchange information securely with thousands of other providers. No re-entry, no hassle. Just you, focusing on what you do best: providing quality care to those you serve.

We’d love an opportunity to show you firsthand how we’ve established real connections in healthcare, making whole-person care a reality.

Meet Maria.

Maria has a history of substance use disorder.
She also has chronic pain in her lower back and hypertension.

The high cost of comorbidities – what can you do about it?

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Maria makes an appointment with her primary care physician.

The physician recommends she join a care management program to effectively oversee all of her conditions. The physician office uses a fully-integrated referral platform to send Maria’s new care coordinator a secure, direct message containing a continuity of care document.

Maria’s care coordinator uses a care management platform to access her full health history.

This platform includes information about her physical, behavioral and social health across different care settings and facilities. Maria’s care coordinator learns of her history of substance use and refers Maria to a pain management specialist for her lower back pain.

A national health information exchange framework allows Maria’s entire care team to see her full health history.

The team is able to make a plan for pain management that will not delay her current recovery. With the help of her care team, Maria is successfully managing her co-occurring conditions of back pain, hypertension and substance use.

Embracing technology and networks to connect care and reduce costs.

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Maria and her team celebrate her substance use recovery progress after six months.

Maria controls her chronic pain and hypertension without the use of opioids. Through an integrated care network, Maria’s care team has her most vital information available at their fingertips. This information enables them to provide an effective care plan so that Maria can manage her co-occurring conditions and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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