Better care coordination powered by better technology

Netsmart provides technology solutions with unparalleled interoperability so providers can coordinate care, share information and ensure individuals can safely and seamlessly move from one care setting to another.

Care coordination is key to improving outcomes and creating efficiencies

Check out the comprehensive guide to help solidify your integrated care strategy.

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Faxing a PDF is not interoperability

Fax-free is the way to be. While the fax machine was once the pinnacle of technology, its heyday is over. It's time to look to truly connected systems to coordinate better care today.

Why care coordination?

Sharing information regarding an individual’s health history empowers providers to offer comprehensive and informed whole-person care. Learn how care coordination helps organizations save time, improve efficiencies and ensure a more seamless experience for clients.

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Compliant information exchange

75% reduction in time spent exchanging information
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70% reduction in time spent on referrals and admissions
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Better patientexperience

63% fewer medication errors using an EHR

The journey

Individuals need to experience better transitions between care settings because they risk readmission, poor outcomes and poor consumer experience when care transitions are disjointed and fragmented.

See why having a full view of the patient journey makes all of the difference.


Home Health

Follow along as Mary and her health information move seamlessly from hospital to home health.


Senior Living

Follow 79-year-old Sam as he moves through post-acute care continuum after a leg fracture.


Human Services

Watch as Maria collaborates with her care providers to manage several conditions affecting her health.

Maintaining visibility

How does care coordination support person-centered care and improved transitions of care to help maintain visibility across all settings and providers for every consumer?

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Delivering better care through better coordination

Care coordination is the foundation to delivering informed, holistic and quality services. What’s your integrated care strategy?


The future of connected care is arriving today. Learn what tomorrow’s integrated care landscape will look like. Watch the full webinar.


Human Services

Say goodbye to data silos. Learn why the integrated care model is the new norm of service delivery. Watch the full webinar.

Download the Definitive Guide to Care Coordination

Care coordination is key to improving outcomes and creating efficiencies.
Check out the comprehensive guide to help solidify your integrated care strategy.

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Simplified workflow

Netsmart can facilitate seamless information sharing across the healthcare ecosystem, so providers across all networks can access and share relevant information about the individuals in their care.


Shorten medication reconciliation process to six minutes

Medication reconciliation should be an efficient, precise process. Learn how this client decreased workflow from two days to just six minutes.


Reduce referral processing time by 70%

Referral processing shouldn’t be tedious and time consuming. Watch as one client shortens this clinical workflow from over 60 hours to just 24 minutes.

Be the change podcast

Netsmart is your answer to experiencing true information exchange so you can better coordinate care, improve care transitions and improve health outcomes for the individuals you serve.

Seamless access to data is a fundamental part of care coordination. In this recent Netsmart podcast, Medical Director for The National Council for Behavioral Health, Dr. Joe Parks, discusses interoperability and the 21st Century Cures Act.

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Download the Definitive Guide to Care Coordination

A one-stop-shop for resources, use cases and best practices to achieve true care coordination throughout your provider organization.