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Developed Specifically for Public Health Agencies

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Managing public health issues has become increasingly complex, and agencies must be ready to respond to international threats as well track ongoing programs. Netsmart public health solutions support ongoing programs, such as immunization and family planning, as well as comprehensive case management and reporting to meet state and national requirements.

EHR Designed for Public Health

Netsmart public health EHR is an integrated, web-based solution that advances your public health goals efficiently. It supports the Public Health Informatics Institute workflow recommendations and facilitates data exchange with community partner providers, health information exchanges and state registries.

Manage Ongoing Health Programs

Manage immunization programs, family planning (Title X reporting), communicable disease screenings, and adult and child wellness clinics. Netsmart public health EHR provides an integrated inventory management system for medications, immunizations and supplies, and supports multiple sliding fee scales by program.

Reporting and Secure Data Exchange

Program data collected is structured and can be pulled into reports, making state and grant reporting for programs such as Title X fast and convenient. Built-in features allow Release of Information (ROI) and other consents built within the system to meet your agency’s needs.

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