• Behavioral Health
  • Child and Family Services
  • IDD
  • Autism
  • Vermont
  • Reducing administrative burden
  • Disjointed workflows and views
  • Using the platform to its full capacity
  • Accessing and organizing data

Unified Electronic Medical Record Vermont Client Spotlight - Harnessing the power of a complex system with an intuitive user experience

Unified Electronic Medical Record Vermont (UEMRVT) is a conglomerate of non-profit community-based agencies providing mental health, substance use, and intellectual and developmental disability services in Vermont.

With a diverse service mix across four non-profit community-based agencies, they needed their electronic health record (EHR) to simplify documentation, improve analytics and reporting, and billing across the board through intuitive workflows and navigation. 

Netsmart EHR New User Experience Impact:

In addition to these benefits, organizations are reporting an increase in note consistency across service providers and multiple offices, job satisfaction, clients and increased revenue, more billable client interactions, as well as a decrease in common errors, reducing multiple rounds of reviews, session-to-claim-to-payments, and staff turnover.

  • Billing and clinical processes were better aligned to provide more efficient workflows within the EHR
  • New widgets for supervisors to monitor and support their team
  • Custom views designed to meet the needs of specific roles
  • Improved efficiency with sorting and filtering capabilities delivering the right data at the right time
  • Reduced clicks to complete tasks
  • Smooth go-live with easy training due to user-friendliness of the web-based system

Our teams just love it – it’s so user friendly. You almost don’t need a full-blown training and just want to show them the new features!

Heidi Starr, Configuration Analysis Manager, UEMRVT