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Unlocking Success in Palliative Care

Unlocking Success in Palliative Care

Mike Valentine, Chief Executive Officer, Netsmart
Jim Parker, Editor, Hospice News
Dawn Iddings, Sr. VP / Managing Director, Post Acute, Netsmart

Palliative care is growing at an accelerated pace with providers beginning to unlock the keys to profitability through value-based contracts. By taking a deep dive into one of the most rapidly growing fields of healthcare in the U.S., we can understand why these predictions for growth point to palliative as one of the highest demand and most needed services in the post-acute care continuum and what the future of palliative care software includes. 

In this episode hosted by Mike Valentine, CEO of Netsmart, we explore the expansion of palliative care services as well as some of the challenges facing providers. Joining us in the dialogue to unlock success for palliative care is Dawn Iddings, Senior Vice President & GM of Post-Acute and Jim Parker, Editor of Hospice News. Jim is a journalist who has covered healthcare and public policy since 2000 and has a deep understanding of the hospice and palliative care industry. The collective of post-acute care industry leaders discuss improving access to palliative care, building the infrastructure to support new programs and understanding the benefits and pitfalls of new payment models.

Join us as we share key factors to unlocking success:

  • Team skills and interdisciplinary care positioning hospice agencies to broaden service offerings
  • A robust technology system to collect and interpret data demonstrating positive outcomes
  • Mobilizing data through interoperability to pursue value-based contracts
  • The importance of ONC-certification for providers to realize the full potential of reimbursement
  • Pursuing value-based contracts through programs like Medicare Advantage, ACOs and other alternative payment arrangements
  • Leveraging value-based partnerships to offer additional support to patients and share costs for care delivery
  • How to use insightful data to drive partners, referral organizations, payers and other providers to collaborate and arrive at a win-win contract.

Thank you to Jim Parker for joining the discussion and for your thought leadership in the industry which can be found online at Hospice News:

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