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Maintaining Public Sector Budgets with Key Operational Strategies

Maximizing Public Sector Budgets with Key Operational Strategies

Erica Gregory, VP/GM, Revenue Operations, Netsmart
Carol Reynolds, Executive Strategist, Public Sector, Netsmart
Danielle Ross, CIO, Information Technology, Netsmart
COVID-19 has and continues to impact healthcare across the country, especially for public sector organizations. Many leaders are taking a closer look at operations to stretch their hard-hit budgets and do more with less. According to a recent study from NRI and the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, the following are just a few pandemic-related data points impacting operations…
  • 68% of all state mental health agencies experienced workforce shortages
  • Telephone encounters increased by 365%
  • Broadband access replaced transportation as the primary obstacle to care
In this episode of Netsmart CareThreads, Carol Reynolds, executive strategist for public sector at Netsmart, talked with Netsmart virtual CIO Danielle Ross and vice president of revenue cycle management operations Erica Gregory.
Here's what was discussed in the episode:
  • How recent data is shifting operations
  • The biggest operational challenges for public sector organizations
  • Top operations management advice for strategic planning and creating operational health in your organization

This discussion with Carol Reynolds, Erica Gregory, and Danielle Ross was taken from our show Netsmart Care Threads.

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