CareThreads Podcast
Netsmart CareThreads Podcast: How Long-Term Care Providers Ensure Success

How Long-Term Care Providers Ensure Success

Mary Madison, Clinical Consultant, Long-Term/Senior Care, Briggs Healthcare
Tom Herzog, Chief Operating Officer, Netsmart

In this episode, Mary Madison, Clinical Consultant, Long-Term/Senior Care at Briggs Healthcare, talks about MDS Coordinators and other critical roles that will help long-term care providers and reimbursement teams thrive in 2022 and beyond.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why “challenges” and “opportunities” are often the same
  • A detailed survey of reimbursement
  • Ways to support MDS and reimbursement roles
  • How to be not just effective but extraordinary

The Minimum Data Set (MDS), a standardized, comprehensive assessment of an adult's functional, medical, psychosocial, and cognitive status, is essential for everything that long-term care does today (and in the future). Everyone who works with the MDS plays a critical role in ensuring success for long-term care providers. Ongoing education and clinical support are the mechanisms that enable exceptional patient care and optimal reimbursement. This education and support keeps everyone who works with that MDS from simply filling out a questionnaire and hoping for the best.

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