Unlocking Efficiencies for Integrated Care: How Seamless Interoperability is Making a Difference

Efficient care coordination and interoperability are key to a successful integrated care model. Tools to exchange clinical data between care settings and seamlessly make it available at the point of care are essential.

Join this webinar to hear from Brandon Bradley – Director of EHR at Seven Counties Services to hear how they utilize interoperability not only within their four walls but with partners in other care settings. He will share strategies to leverage Carequality, CareConnect integrations and CareConnect Inbox to deliver integrated, whole-person care and improve outcomes.

During the webinar, moderated by Ben Rosen, client success manager at Netsmart, you’ll learn about critical success factors for leveraging interoperability within integrated care programs, including:

  • Seamless integration of real time data exchange to streamline provider workflows
  • Increasing provider satisfaction through primary care data visibility
  • Transitions of care improvement through referral workflows and clinical data reconciliation