Meeting the Client Where They Are

Care settings are shifting from offices and clinics to the field. Find out how providers are adapting their staff, processes, and technology to fit.

Watch this interactive panel discussion with experts in human services and post-acute care about how they are upping their game to deliver care more efficiently and effectively in the community.

The panel of experts:

  • Hannah Patterson, VP & GM of Workforce Management, Netsmart
  • Marcie Vaughan, CEO & President, Seneca Health Services
  • Ashley Puchalski, Directors of Clinical Share, Ohio’s Hospice

The key takeaways:

  • Examples of how to improve access and timeliness of care
  • Leveraging new technologies to efficiently deliver services outside traditional environments
  • Tips to streamline the dispatch process and monitor the safety of field staff
  • Boosting staff and consumer satisfaction by getting the right caregiver to the right place at the right time

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