Virtual care continues to grow in popularity due to the efficiency and convenience it offers to both consumers and providers.

As patients and providers alike navigate this remote landscape, now is the perfect time to assess your virtual care strategy. Is your telehealth solution secure, reliable and compliant?

The Netsmart virtual care technology and telehealth platform assures all data exchanges are secure without any data needed to be stored on consumer devices. 

With virtual care becoming the ‘new normal’, ensuring you have a safe and solid strategy is essential.

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“You can tell the difference between the integrated workflow provided by Netsmart versus other virtual conferencing solutions, which is why we chose Netsmart telehealth.”

-Jewish Board CIO Uday Madasu

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Virtual care is here to stay. Learn how to grow your services beyond COVID-19.

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Finding the right telehealth technology partner can be challenging. We built this checklist to help.

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Learn about the impact telehealth has had in these different use cases.

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Healthcare providers have tremendous potential to optimize virtual care in the wake of COVID-19

COVID-19 forced us to evolve. As we changed, so did our tools. In the wake of the pandemic, these tools have proven their value and durability. For providers, now is the time to hone these tools, to ensure your virtual care program is ready for the next evolution in care.

Learn more about our virtual care solutions below.

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Take a deeper look at our Telehealth solution and see how it removes barriers to care. The solution is fully integrated with the Netsmart EHR and is available as a standalone solution.
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The digital self-care tool myStrength supports emotional and physical health, overall well-being, and is integrated with the Netsmart EHR.
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myHealthPointe Portal

myHealthPointe™ Portal supports consumer-driven care by connecting individuals to their treatment through a user-friendly, secure solution.