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You’ve heard it over and over again: PDPM is right around the corner. But is your organization truly covered for this major industry change? Under PDPM, therapy minutes will no longer play a role in the compensation of care provided. Instead, clinically relevant factors such as patients’ clinical complexity will determine reimbursements.

We know this approaching change is a big one – and we’ve got you covered. At Netsmart, we see this as an opportunity for your organization to soar. Don’t just survive the Oct. 1 deadline, thrive beyond it.

What should your organization consider to prepare?

To ensure your organization is prepared for PDPM long before it goes into effect you should begin by evaluating the current state of your organization. Consider the following things to determine if your current process or solution is poised to help you achieve PDPM success:

  • Can your current reporting solution provide comprehensive insight and support an MDS completion analysis?
  • Is your solution able to easily adjust to the newly proposed PPS schedules?
  • Is your organization equipped with tools or processes to adapt to the restructured payment model?
  • Can your solution or process accommodate upcoming staffing suggestions?
  • Does your solution have the capability to accurately track the acuity progress of a patient and display trends established throughout their stay?

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Gearing Up for the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

The Netsmart approach to PDPM

Netsmart can help reduce risk, assist in lowering cost, improve outcomes and ease adoption of the PDPM regulatory change. We are highly focused and dedicated to ensure our solutions are ready for this change. Our clients can count on us to provide clear direction to allow easy adoption and transition to the new rules.

Explore the timeline below of milestones you should expect from your technology partner as you prepare for the Oct. 1, 2019 deadline. 

PDPM: What you can expect from Netsmart

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