myEvolv Finance 2.0 

With the release of version 0200, Finance 2.0 was made available for initial evaluation and planning purposes in a development environment. The initial release of Finance 2.0 in this version contains all standard billing and remittance application features, widgets, the new myAR Outstanding balances functionality and more functionality.

Documentation can be found on the Wiki for Claim Processing, Remittance Processing, Imports/Exports and myAR Outstanding Balances.

  1. New clients/Implementations with go live dates between Sept-Oct 2020 to Finance 2.0 in 0200.
  2. Look for 0225 this fall.
  3. We are looking for early adopters for Finance 2.0. Interested? Contact your client alignment executive!

In 0200, we introduced the first round of myAR. myAR is being developed in three parts:

  1. Phase 1 (0200): Outstanding AR Claims – Work claims that have been submitted and have a balance.
  2. Phase 2* (0225): Held Claims – Manage all held claims in one central location.
  3. Phase 3* (0250): Finance Routing – Combining Finance Routing features directly with myAR.

* = Coming Soon

The myAR documentation is already on the Wiki! Go to the wiki and search for myAR under myEvolv.

In version 0225, we plan to release the following functionality in Finance 2.0

  • Contract capitation
  • Patient liability claim calculations
  • Is final checkbox on billing run screens
  • Void and recreate remittance application action
  • Output other payer secondary ID - REF*2U
  • Default remittance actions
  • Past claim verification report