myEvolv Anywhere Updates and Enhancements

Document care anywhere and anytime with our NEW ‘Disconnected’ Solution

CarePOV™ myEvolv® Anywhere supports community-based service providers. The iOS and Android applications allow clinicians to document services in real-time as they address the needs of a mobile workforce. The solution provides a complete view of an individual’s health history, and the application will automatically re-sync with the EHR once connected to the internet, eliminating data re-entry. This automated process saves clinicians time and allows them to document care anywhere, anytime. Other features include:

  • Supports Dynamic forms (custom/user-defined forms, Sub reports.....)
  • Background auto-sync
  • Ability to capture e-signature(s) on the go
  • Ability to capture image/photo to upload to a form
  • Update Staff Activities such as Travel time, mileage, admin time….
  • Manages appointments (complete, cancel, schedule), provides alerts, document services, conduct assessments and complete tasks

New Home View Widget

"My Tasks Not Checked In" is now available

  • “My Tasks Not Checked In” will display to only those individuals not checked in that have scheduled events.
  • The new widget will work in tandem with the “Waiting Room” widget, which displays individuals who have checked in.
  • Provides users with a clean/organized view of pending appointments, as well as who has arrived and completed the check-in process.

    Treatment Plan Enhancements
  • Updated Treatment Plans in NX
  • Increased performance to support large treatment plans
  • New "validate" option added to give users improved validation messages and interactions
  • Redesigned printing capabilities to improve the format and readability

Contact your client alignment executive with any questions about these updates!