Essentia Updates Now Available! 

The team has been hard at work to introduce a new and improved Essentia update. Essentia v8.10 is live after the team has resolved nearly 56 issues and completed eight enhancements. The most notable enhancements are the following:

  • The web forms application now includes the ability to insert document codes, complex document codes and inline signatures where needed within the form.
  • The Client Services Delivery Report has been migrated from a base system report to an Essentia Business Intelligence report and is available via a portlet.
  • Appointment type and services selection parameters have meters have been added to the Print Staff Schedule report. 
  • A new logical view has been created over the client program history table.  This new table is CLTPRGH3 and can be used to see the most recent changes from the client program history data.
  • A new control has been added to the Printed UB04 settings and will control the printing of the taxonomy code in box 81 based on if a value exists in box 57.

The team is now integrating the latest EssentiaRx /DrFirst update with Essentia.  We have a third-party partnership with DrFirst for electronic prescribing.  This major update is currently scheduled for Essentia v8.12.  Stay tuned!

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