Preparing for 2020 regulatory changes

Preparing for the 2020 regulatory changes — including PDGM, OASIS D1 and ICD-10 — is at the forefront of our efforts this upcoming quarter. 

You can expect myUnity® Clinical to maintain our track record of keeping your organization in compliance with the ICD-10 and OASIS-D1 updates automatically. Additionally, PDGM updates are well underway to help your team stay in compliance. 

Some of the changes you can expect include increasing the number of diagnoses available to insert to the claim and enhancing our Location of Care entry to better attain inpatient stay information so the back-office has the necessary data to include on the claim. 

IDG meeting process enhancements

myUnity Clinical is developing functionality to redefine the IDG meeting workflow. Based on feedback from our clients, we are transitioning from a forms-based workflow to a modular workflow. 

By transitioning to a modular workflow, the IDG will be able to consume data from various assessments, evaluations and other clinical documentation to maintain an up-to-date Interdisciplinary care plan in real time. 

Additionally, the new modular functionality will allow clients to leverage reporting to track upcoming IDG meetings for all their hospice patients.