Preparing for the Patient-Driven Grouping Model: 3 steps you need to take now!

The countdown for PDGM has started! We are only months away from one of the largest changes in home care. 

The Netsmart Advisor team has been busy making sure you are prepared for PDGM and the changes it will bring to your organization.  

Here are three things you need to do to be ready and successful when PDGM takes effect: 
Step 1: It’s critical you get insight into your current operations under PPS and what that might look like under PDGM.  We have a great tool (PPS Impact Tool) that can be found on InfoCenter to assist in this review.  

Please download this tool and take advantage of the data that is provided in reviewing current ICD 10 codes that will not qualify for PDGM. You can also see where your referrals are coming today and how your revenue will be impacted with LUPA’s and functional changes.  

This is all available to you in the tool today.  If you would like further assistance in evaluating the output, please contact your CAE and he/she will be glad to set up a time for a complementary review. 

Step 2: The newest set of application changes came in 14.4.1 late in July. This release will allow you to start tracking admissions sources to meet the PDGM requirement for where your referral is coming from.  

Knowing if the patient is from an institution setting or community setting will drive your reimbursement – you want to start seeing that information now as you plan for 2020. 

Visit your PDGM preparation guide on InfoCenter’s PDGM resource page to access current product releases and see what’s coming in Q3 and Q4.

Step 3: Keep providing your feedback via our Focus Groups. We are listening and incorporating it. With your feedback and testing, we will continue to deliver tools so you are ready come Jan. 2020.  

Stay tuned to InfoCenter for the latest updates and education opportunities. Know we are here to assist you in any way. Please reach out to your CAE if you have additional questions.