myEvolv Enterprise Training Program

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions in order to help you to best navigate through the myEvolv Enterprise Training Program.

  1. Q: Is it too late to sign up for the myEvolv Enterprise Training Program

A: No. Your organization can choose to subscribe at any time. But, some of the 70+ courses change frequently and are only offered on a quarterly basis, so we strongly encourage you to sign up soon so that you can take advantage of everything the program has to offer.  

  1. Q: What happens after we sign up for the program?

A: Once your organization has subscribed to the program, the person assigned as your primary point of contact will receive an email from the Learning Services team with instructions on getting users added to myLearningPointe, the Netsmart learning management system. Once added to the system, users will be able to register for instructor-led courses relevant to their role. Your organization can choose to make training available to all employees at once, or limit access to certain individuals or groups. Reports showing course completion are available upon request.

  1. Q: Are the Enterprise Training Program and myLearningPointe the same thing?

A: No. The Enterprise Training Program includes 70+ instructor-led courses on myEvolv. myLearningPointe is the Netsmart robust learning management system that includes 500+ eLearning modules on clinical and compliance related topics. It can also be used to maintain training records, assign required training, manage course schedules, support staff licensing requirements, meet compliance requirements, run robust reports and more. The two offerings complement each other well but address different needs.

  1. Q: Is the myEvolv Certification Program included in the Enterprise Training Program? What about ExpertExpress?

A: Yes. In addition to the courses developed exclusively for the Enterprise Training Program, an unlimited number of users can complete the popular myEvolv Certification Program for System Administrators. In addition, users who have the ability to log support cases through the NetsmartCares portal can also complete the ExpertExpress program. If they meet all of the requirements of this unique offering, they will be able to bypass Level 1 support. What a benefit!

  1. Q: I’ve seen posts on NetsmartCares about Peer Collaboration Experiences and Mentor Office Hours. Are these available to organizations enrolled in the Enterprise Training Program?

A: Yes. Peer Collaboration Experiences are one of the most highly rated training Netsmart offerings and are now available as part of the Enterprise Training Program. These “experiences” provide individuals from multiple organizations opportunities to collaborate on relevant topics and complete deliverables that can be used before, during and after go-live. Topics include upgrade preparation and testing, preparing for audits and developing a long-term IT strategy…just to name a few. Each Peer Collaboration Experience lasts three weeks and includes discussions facilitated by Netsmart subject matter experts and group activities designed to promote knowledge sharing and relationship building.

Access to client mentors has historically only been available to those enrolled in the myEvolv Certification Program for System Administrators. This has now been expanded to those enrolled in the Enterprise Training Program. Participants can get 1:1 mentoring by myEvolv users from other organizations and/or participate in several “office hour” calls held throughout the week. These calls are open forums for Q&A and mentors often demo new functionality, recommended practices and tips/tricks that they find beneficial.

If you would like additional information about the benefits of the program, several other resources are also available on the NetsmartCares portal.